Student Testimonials

Note: Last names obscured to protect confidentiality.

“I took the exam today and super happy to say that I passed 🙂
Thanks for your help and encouraging words.” – Devorah B.

“Hey Ray, I passed the TEST !!!  Thank you all for support. Really couldn’t have done it without you !!!” – Rose G. 

“I passed! Needed 102 and got 129 right! Thank you so much for your help!” – Nicole K.

“I passeed!!!! The passing score was 97, but I got 125 out of 150! Thank you. Teaching me to read the questions correctly helped immensely.” – Diane W.

“Hey Raymond,

Just wanted to inform you of the good news, I finally passed my LCSW exam today!  Definitely couldn’t have done it without you.  I appreciate all the time and energy that you have given me, along with the guidance of how to study for this exam.  It was very much needed to have someone to talk shop with regarding this and I’m glad that you were that person.  

Cheers to a team effort and a win for both of us!”  – Dan M.